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Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

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By Luanna Azulay, New York Correspondent

As I wandered around the streets of New York City, fall collections are everywhere. There are lot of distinct fashions that are here to stay in this new season to come, while others slightly modified.

  1. Cullote pants – Those that you might have seen around for the past couple seasons continue to be a strong trend this fall. Pair these babies with a nice pair of long boots, or short boots with socks to keep your legs warm. These can be your best friends from Spring to Fall, even wearable in those breezy summer days. Wear it with oranges and rosy tones for this fall, as these seem to be the colors prevailing this fall.

Source: Marie France Asia 

Check out the amazing pair I found at Theory, these will keep you plenty warm this fall for $495. For those more budget conscious as me, cullote

Always looking for a bargain? Try this pair on the right for just $49.90. It certainly beats paying just 10% of the original and getting the same look, right?,1&resmode=sharp2&op_usm=1,1,5,0&defaultImage=Photo-Coming-Soon

Credit: Luanna Azulay at Theory, UES, NYC

  1. Denim – Fall is always the time for denim, denim, plus denim, so this fall is no different. From jumpers to denim shirts. This match-all-blue is going to be everywhere. So dig up those jeans items from your closet, and prepare yourself to blue madness. Here are some beautiful things I found strolling the NYC boutiques:

Madewell was one of my favorites. Dress it cool, tomboy, or whichever way you like. The store itself guides you to the best ways to mix and match it according to your personality. Their denim blues can range from $35 to $200 for shirt, dresses, and jeans.

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Luanna Azulay at Madewell, UES, NYC

How could I leave my favorite bargain store, Forever21? I love their look and prices and what’s not to like about feeling young forever? These are my top three pics to denim up on a budget. I own the denim dress, and have to say it is not only a bargain, but beautiful, and incredibly comforable. The shirt and the jumpsuit I recommend to wear with a good pair of tights, high socks, and a good jacket. Contemporary Denim Capri Jumpsuit

Source: Forever21

  1. High waisted – This trend continues this fall. From high waisted denim to pants, as you may have seen above it is everywhere. It seems like we continue to wake up to the fact that our real waistlines are not as low as we thought in the early 2000s, and have begun to go back to the glamour of the 40s and 50s. I am so glad we are back to a fitting that values woman’s curves.

These are from Elie Saab, Schiaparelli, and Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2016 collections. Completely out of my budget, but beautiful to look at and search for a comparable, more affordable brand.

Source: Vogue

My recommendation for high-waisted items is definitely Worthington. You can usually find it at JC Penney. The high-waisted pencil skirts, and trousers make you look “Rita Hayworth-y.” I could not pick a single one, they were all too amazing.

  1. Lingerie-inspired – This past spring the lingerie-inspired dresses came strong, and of course can be dressed with some thicker tights for the fall as well. They are not the same as the slip dresses that came around when this trend first popped up in the 90s. They bring them up with a bit of a twist. To dress them up it is good to paid them up with a good jacket, dressy shoes, or boots, to break down the sensuality of the piece itself. Either dressing it up, or making it more casual.

I found these two at Pinko that made my Jaw drop. The dresses themselves range from $350-$1,000. I had to include because it is so outrageously expensive that it makes me wonder what kind of people would invest this much in lingerie! With so many people starving in the world, it just sound so wrong, I cannot even start to make sense of it.

photo-2 photo-3

Credit: Luanna Azulay at Pinko, UES, NYC

If you want to be trendy and not break back. Below are two options: the one on the left is from Express for $30, and the second for $89.99 at Banana Republic. These will be incredibly fun to dress up or down.,1&resmode=sharp2&op_usm=1,1,5,0&defaultImage=Photo-Coming-Soon product photo

Source: Express                                                                                                Source: Banana Republic

  1. Pleats – This is a strong trend, and it is everywhere. I am always partial to pleats, they give this extra air of sophistication to any outfit.

These are some beautiful runway looks from a rocker look to a more sophisticated dressy event.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Trends: Pleats

Source: Vogue

I recommend these two numbers. This short dress that can be dressed up or down, and if you want pleated and a black tie occasion, I recommend this BCBG Max Azria dress. The short dress you can find it on sale at Forever 21 for less than $25. The Zara Dress comes with a big more of a heftier price, but still within a reasonable price of $69.90. Either or these pleats or any other will take you far, and vamp up your outfit. Image 4 of PLEATED DRESS from Zara

Source: Forever 21



Luanna Azulay is director of business development & “Top Model” of saidinbed. She often endures cold weather and mosquito bites all in the name of beautiful crochet. Being a model for saidinbed is not an easy job.

She loves fashion, photography, singing, and cannot resist a good sale. She is one of the members of saidinbed in New York City. She has been part of saidinbed since its infancy and her business role helps saidinbed take the world one stitch at time.

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